Wrapping Paper Storage – Top 9 Ideas

Find out best ways for Wrapping paper storage. Wrapping paper is normally used seasonally and it is very important to store it properly when not in use in order to avoid damage.

Wrapping Paper Storage – Top 9 Ideas

You need wrapping paper only during occasions and if you don’t store it properly, it may not be usable when you need it. This point adds additional importance to wrapping paper storage. Considering that the wrapping paper width can be as much as 48″ (or even more), you need to take special care in storing it. Let us look at some ideas (including out of the box) and solutions for storing wrapping paper.

Quick Index of this article for your ready reference:

  • Short to medium length (up to 30 inches):  Check items 2, 4, 6, 9
  • Long (40-48 inches): 1, 3, 7, 8, 9
  • If you are looking for Extra Long storage ideas (60 inches): 5, 9, 10

1. Wrapping Paper Box

Wrapping Paper Box

Wrapping Paper Box is a good way to preserve the paper from the influences of external conditions such as weather and physical damage.

You can use a box designed to hold wrapping paper, similar to the one in the picture.

The one shown here has the dimensions of 13.5″ x 40.5″ x 4.5″ and has storage space up to 8 rolls of paper. It has a zipper, made of sturdy canvas and has additional pockets to hold smaller items. You can conveniently push this under a bed. But please be aware that this can accommodate only 8 rolls of wrapping paper.

Check this Wrapping Paper Box at Amazon (40.5″ length)

Check this one for extra  long 42″ Wrapping paper box container.

or Check similar Wrapping Paper Storage Box

Another type of closed box for storing wrapping paper below: Shown in two minor variations. This can hold 30 wrapping paper rolls, however the length is not much, it can hold rolls up to 30 inch length. (the size of the box: 33.9 x 12.1 x 6.3 inches). Click the image to check more information at Amazon.com.

Wrapping Paper BoxIRIS Holiday Wrapping Paper Storage Box

One more variety – a vertical box

Household Essentials Holiday Wrapping Paper Storage Box, Red with Green Trim

Household Essentials Holiday Wrapping Paper Storage Box, Red with Green Trim

2. Wrapping Paper Bin

Wrapping Paper Bin

A bin is good way to store long wrapping paper rolls.

The vertical bins for storing wrapping paper are available in various sizes. Make sure that the size suits your need.

For example, the one shown in the picture here, has the dimensions 17.2″ x  9.8″x 34.8″. It can hold 20 rolls of paper. Note the size, since the height is 34.8″, it can store only rolls up to 30″ length.

If you need storage for extra wide rolls, this is not the one.

 Check wrapping paper bin at Amazon





3. Wrapping Paper Bag

Over the door wrapping paper bag

Over the door bag is very convenient and space saving arrangement for wrapping paper.

The one shown in the picture holds 12 x 40″ rolls and can be hung over a door.

Good for saving storage space. Quite convenient to use also.

Check this at Amazon:

Over Door Hanging Wrapping Paper Roll Storage Bag Pro Organizer






Here below you can find another type of bag to store long wrapping paper – hanging type, can hold 15 rolls of wrapping paper, suitable for 40 inch rolls. A detachable tool bag offers space for accessories such as scissors, tape etc.

Santa's Bags SB-10130 Hanging Gift-Wrap Storage Bag


4. Floor Rack to Store Wrapping Paper

VersatileWrapping Paper Fllor Rack

Floor Rack looks elegant and can act as a good decoration to your room apart from storing the wrapping paper.

Width 34.75 inches, depth 27.5 inches and height 46.25.

Can be kept standing on the floor or hanging to a wall (see next picture).

6 movable racks accommodate standard 30″ wrapping paper (not for extra wide rolls). Two fixed racks can be used for keeping tissue paper.

Pros: Can be shifted to a wall without disturbing the arrangement (ie, without taking out the rods and paper).

Cons: Initial assembly might be somewhat tricky. Also to insert wrapping paper, you need to remove the rod by unscrewing the ball at the end. This can be a pain if you need to frequently load the rolls.

Southern Enterprises Easel/Wall Mount Craft Storage Rack, Black


Wrapping PaperRack HangingWall hanging Rack for storing wrapping Paper

This rack is same as the above. Instead of keeping it on the floor, it is mounted to the wall. Can be a great space saving arragement.

Southern Enterprises Easel/Wall Mount Craft Storage Rack, Black


5. Use a Clothes Hamper

Wrapping Paper Container

An existing cloth hamper can be conveniently used to store wrapping paper as a stop gap arrangement.

A clothes hamper can become an excellent wrapping Paper Container simply because it was not designed for that (Murphy’s Law) and much longer (taller) than a standard wrapping paper roll.

The one shown on the right has a height of 62″, so can be used as storage even for the long wrapping paper. The base dimensions are 23 x 14 x 14 inches.

You may already have a clothes hamper which can be used this way, however in case .. check here to buy:

Foldable Laundry Hamper, Natural


6. Use an existing Rack

Rack for Wrapping paper

Any suitable rack with good width can be used to store wrapping paper.

At least temporarily if you have a rack at home such as the one  in the picture. (an old shoe rack perhaps).  The one shown here has a width of 27 inches and with some overhang, extra wide wrapping rolls can be accommodated.

You can also make some storage space in the back of your cupboard to keep the wrapping paper.

A wider  shoe rack (33 inches) can be seen here:

Whitmor 6175-861 Stackable Closet Shelves, Chrome

A domestic rack can provide a good alternative storage for wrapping paper rolls. However, if you are using an old used rack, clean it thoroughly with a disinfecting cleaner before using it for wrapping paper. Also never leave the wrapping paper directly exposed to the atmosphere but keep a foil or plastic cover around it to avoid possible damage.


7. Use Overhead Storage

Overhead Storage System

Overhead Storage is useful in many ways. While you can keep wrapping paper here, ensure that the paper is in a container or box.

The one shown in the picture has dimensions of 45 x 45 inches.

This size is good for storing the unused paper rolls. Moreover, the overhead storage can be utilized for other purposes as well. Just don’t bundle everything together to protect the wrapping paper. Its a good idea to keep the wrapping paper first in a cardboard box before pushing to the top.

Overhead storage is a good addition to the home and helps in storage of infrequently used items. Keep in mind that the overhead storage system can only take up to 250 pounds of weight. The height can be adjusted to a limited extent.

Check the overhead storage system at Amazon:

HyLoft 540 45-Inch-by-45-Inch Overhead Storage System, White

8. Cable Lifted Storage Rack

Cable Lifted Storage Rack

This is similar to previous arrangement and more suitable for boxes or containers with wrapping paper.

This is also overhead storage very similar to the above, however this is supported by cables (wires) compared to steel rods in the previous one.

Cable Lifted Storage Rack is ideal for a garage and is very useful for storing seasonal items like lawn mover, snow thrower etc.

The size is 48 inches wide x 48 inches long and can hold up to 250 pounds.

Racor PHL-1R Pro HeavyLift 4-by-4-Foot Cable-Lifted Storage Rack



9. DIY Cost Effective Solution

Dowel Rods for wrapping paper

Dowel Rods placed horizontally on the pre-arranged wall hooks can be used to store wrapping paper. Insert wrapping paper rolls into the dowel rods.

Purchase thin dowel rods similar to the ones on the right. Get L shaped wall hooks from a local hardware shop. (I found some thing similar at Amazon which will do the work). Fix them to the wall such that one pair of hooks can hold one dowel rod at both ends. The rod is just placed on the hooks, no need of any additional binding.

Insert a wrapping paper roll in to one dowel rod and place it back on the hooks. You can make a series of such fixings on the wall so that many wrapping rolls can be stored this way. This arrangement not only looks good but also very cost effective.


Hope you will be able to utilize some of the ways mentioned here to optimize the storage space for wrapping paper effectively. All the best…

10. Bonus Idea: Use a Christmas Tree Storage Bag

Surprisingly, most wrapping storage paper containers are not available in longer versions. Don’t know why. Its quite difficult to get many designs in  48″  range. When I was searching for long bags, I found quite a good alternative and it is the Christmas tree storage bag.

Bag suitable for storing wrapping paper  61.5 inches long

wrapping paper storage bag2

The one shown in the first picture is 61.5 inches long – we can fit the long wrapping paper quite comfortably.  The second one is available in two sizes 48 and 60 good for extra long wrapping paper.

Check up at Amazon:

Extra Large 61.5 inches bag

Storage Bag – 48″ : Red (second size is 60 inches in this design)